Community engagement materials for HMS Invincible 1744 project

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Community engagement materials
for HMS Invincible 1744 project


Genie Creative have recently completed the design and production of a range of Community Engagement materials for the Community Archaeological Team at The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

We produced two Rococo style “Selfie” frames, a pottery record sheet and a mock up of the letter sent by the ships’ captain.

The “Selfie” frames are bespoke manufactured to a size that can accommomodate people dressed in large Georgian wigs.

The frames are designed to give a three dimensional appearance with the graphic printed on UV safe outdoor vinyl and protective matt laminate to face. The graphic is mounted onto a light but strong 5mm PVC with supporting struts to the reverse. They can be used indoor or outdoor and are robust enough to withstand “boisterous” use at events.

The Captains’ letter is a reproduction of the actual letter sent by J Bentley upon realisation that the ship was doomed. Explanatory notes are used within the margins to explain the nautical terminology used.

The Pottery Record sheet is a functional tool to aid volunteers and members of the public. It is designed within the brand style I created for the Diving Deep HMS Invincible 1744 project in 2008.

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The HMS Invincible 1744 project is the largest maritime archaeological excavation in the UK since the Mary Rose. Click here to find out more

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