Farmers Belgian Blue promotional items

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Farmers Belgian Blue promotional items


Farmers Belgian Blue was first created in 2005, when the Bradfield Brewery began operating. Since then this unusual brew, which is only available throughout the festive season, has ‘exploded’ in popularity and is now a festive favourite throughout the country.

Genie Creative has worked with the Brewery since 2012 – helping them to establish a recognisable brand that resonates well with beer drinkers. As part of our work we recently created a T-shirt and large graphic panel for the 2019 launch of Farmers Belgian Blue.

The large graphic panel is designed in the style of a seaside “face in hole” panel and emphasises the brand loyalty customers have to Belgian Blue.

A face-shaped hole in the panel allows customers to place their face where the elf face would be and have a picture taken. The pictures can then be uploaded to social media.

The panel is bespoke manufactured for indoor and outdoor use and is robust so as to withstand “boisterous” use at events and promotions.

The graphic is printed on UV safe outdoor vinyl with a matt laminate to face. This is mounted onto a light but strong 5mm PVC and fixed to a timber frame for stability.

In addition to the face in hole panel – we created a promotional T-shirt that promotes the festive fun brand style.

This design work links in perfectly with the marketing items previously created for Farmers Belgian Blue, including; mini keg, pump clip, bottle label, press ads, posters, mug, glass, T-shirt and drip mats.

Try it for yourself

Belgian Blue is available in bottles and 5 litre mini kegs from Bradfield Brewery’s on-site shop from 1st November. It will be available in cask from Monday 4th November.

The shop opening hours are 8am-4pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturdays. Click here to find out more

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