Back from the Brink: Words for Wildlife communications toolkit

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Back from the Brink: Words for Wildlife communications toolkit


In March 2003 I was commissioned by Heritage Insider to create “Words for Wildlife” a communications toolkit for The Back from the Brink programme.

The Back from the Brink programme was an ambitious nationwide partnership initiative that aimed to save some of our most threatened species from extinction and reverse their fortunes to put them back on the road to recovery, working through a suite of 19 conservation projects across England.

The programme partners came together to pool expertise and develop new ways of working, whilst inspiring people across the country to discover, value and act for threatened animals, plants and fungi.

Communications as an essential tool

Back from the Brink’s communications have been evaluated more deeply by analysing frames and undertaking focus groups of target audiences.

This toolkit was created to share the knowledge gained from this evaluation in a fun but succinct way.

See the Toolkit here

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