Corporate Responsibility Brochure design for Compass Group UK & Ireland

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Corporate Responsibility Brochure design for
Compass Group UK & Ireland


Compass Group is the global market leader in providing food and a range of support services to customers in the workplace, schools and colleges, hospitals, at leisure and remote environments. They operate in over fifty countries with over 470,000 employees.

Compass Group UK & Ireland has over 60,000 employees and works in over 10,000 client sites. Every day they serve over three million people and produce over one million meals. With over £1.9bn turnover, they constantly innovate to find new and exciting ways to deliver great food and support services to every one of their clients.

A growing, profitable and significant employer in the UK, Compass Group are focussed on continuing to grow in a sustainable and responsible manner, whilst adding long-term value to the business.

To this end, Compass Group Commissioned Genie Creative to design and produce the Corporate Responsibility Brochure for their annual management committee meeting in October 2015.

Working in partnership with our associate photographer and professional writing partner the 28 page brochure was designed, amended,  printed and delivered to fantastic reviews from the management committee.

Feedback from the interim report will be incorporated into a revised version over the next few weeks.

Genie Creative have a reputation for delivering high quality communications – often to challenging constraints. To find out how – please call Patrick Ross on (0114) 250 9119 or email: [email protected]

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