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Branded mini keg designs for Bradfield Brewery


As part of my ongoing work with Bradfield Brewery, I was commissioned to create a range of four branded mini keg designs to add to the three I had previously designed.

The four new kegs are designed to promote four of the Breweries most popular ales; Yorkshire Farmer, Farmers Brown Cow, Farmers Sixer and Farmers Pale Ale.

The new designs tie in perfectly with the brand style established for the kegs previously produced for;

  • Farmers Blonde (their most popular ale),
  • a generic keg (for seasonal specials) and
  • Farmers Belgian Blue (their famous Christmas Ale).

What our client said:

The kegs are proving really popular with our customers … We even had a Belgian fan call in to the Brewey shop to buy two of each keg design. He’s shipped them back home to go on display in a collection in Belgium” said Lisa Moat of Bradfield Brewery. “We’re also finding that customers get really attached to them and don’t want to throw them away when empty. We’ve known of them turned into planters and even mini BBQ’s … when empty of course 😀Lisa Moat of Bradfield Brewery

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