Genie create public information signage for “Hidden Heritage, Secret Streams”

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Genie create public information signage for “Hidden Heritage, Secret Streams”

As part of the Don Catchment Rivers Trust (DCRT) “Hidden Heritage, Secret Streams” project we recently completed the concept, design, production and installation of a suite of public information signage.

The signage includes three A1 landscape lecterns, one A1 railing mounted frame and an A1 locking poster frame with graphic.

Upon approval, we were commissioned to install the signage at locations within Chesterfield and Derbyshire.

For more information about the Hidden Heritage, Secret Streams project – click here.

Signage production specifications

These public information graphics included three x A1 lecterns, an A1 lockable portrait poster frame and an A1 railing mounted panel.

The frames are fabricated from powder coated aluminium to give a strong, durable and lightweight frame. The graphic panels are printed onto a dibond type material with a Durable Ali Plus “anti vandal” laminate to face which gives excellent protection against paint, marker and scratching.

If you’d like to discuss a signage project – please call Patrick Ross on (0114) 250 9119 or email: [email protected]

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