Pump clip design

for Bradfield Brewery

Graphic design
Project description
Client: Bradfield Brewery
Service: Graphic design
Project: Design of pump clips

Pump clip designs for Bradfield Brewery


For more than 10 years I have worked with Bradfield Brewery to develope a distinctive and fun brand style. During this time I have designed many pump clips to promote the range of regular and seasonal ales.

When designing pump clips I work in collaboration with cartoon illustrator Dave Howarth. We have a lot of fun designing the clips to include a little “sauce” in the style of the old seaside postcards. They also create a challenge as we need to clearly convey a lot of information in a small space.

Over the past few years we have designed 12 pump clips for the brewery as well as ‘refreshing’ the design of existing pump clips. These designs, with the addition of the new logo, has resulted in a range of engaging pump clips that  stand out on crowded bar tops.

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What our client said about this project
Genie Creative have worked with us on various concepts and we have never been disappointed with the results. Always quick to turn jobs around and always coming up with new ideas to help maximise our brand. Would certainly recommend their services!”. Jackie Helliwell, Bradfield Brewery

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