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Project description
Client: Don Catchment Rivers Trust
Service: Graphic design for print
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Requirement: Design of a logo to represent a diverse community of farmers within the Dearne Valley

Logo design for Dearne Valley Farmers


Formed in May 2022, the Dearne Valley Farmers Cluster group brings farmers together from across the catchment to explore existing and emerging environmental schemes and agro-ecological approaches to deliver bigger, better and more joined up landscape-scale nature recovery.

Themes of focus are soil health and resource protection, biodiversity enhancement, regenerative agriculture and natural flood management.

Logo design considerations

The cluster group represents a diverse community of farmers within the former Coalfield areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Iconic graphics are used within the logo to represent the diversity of farmers within the cluster including; hill, arable, beef and dairy farmers.

Coloured arcs reflect the commitment of the farmers to improving soil health through regenerative agriculture which, in turn leads to improved water quality.

A willow Tit sits proudly against a pit wheel as testament to the success in protecting this flagship species in a post industrial area.

Technical considerations

The logo is designed as a vector eps file which means it can be accurately reproduced at any size and for any application. I created the logo to work in full colour, greyscale, black only and white out (reversed) for maximum flexibility.

Find out more about the Willow Tit Recovery Project here.

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Simplifying the complicated

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