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Graphic design for print
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Project description
Client: BETA Climbing Design
Service: Graphic design
and print management
Project: Product catalogue

Graphic design of product catalogue for BETA Climbing Design


About Beta Climbing Designs

Beta Climbing Designs specialise in the design and manufacture of remote clipping devices and related products for sport climbing and industrial application.

The company was set up by Si Berry at the turn of the millennium to get the new remote clipping device “The BetaStick” into the marketplace. Over the coming years BetaStick went global and can now be found in sport climbers rucksacks all over the world.

Building on this success, Beta Climbing Designs now has an extended product range which can be found in climbing stores all over the world.

The brief

In April this year I was commissioned by BETA Climbing Design to create a product catalogue to showcase their range of climbing and access products.

Tim Hulley, Production and Design Manager at BETA Climbing Design, had expressed a wish for the product catalogue to be impactful and away from the standard stitched A4/A5 format. In addition the ability to easily update/add to the product range was also an important consideration.

The solution

My design proposal was to create an oversize six page, A5 outer wrap with a throwout sheet containing all product details and specification. This serves as a quick “go to” for customers wishing to get at the technical details of a product.

General information about the company, along with in depth information on each product, is contained on individual A5 sheets. The A5 sheets are held in the catalogue via nickel binding screws. The cover has a 5mm capacity creased gusset which, along with the binding screws, allows for the addition or removal of products going forward.

The result is a visually engaging product catalogue that stands out in the marketplace. It is practical in size; can easily be updated whilst remaining cost-effective.

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What our client said about this project
“Ey up Patrick, They”re magic. Many thanks”Tim Hulley, Production and Design Manager, BETA Climbing Design

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