Bringing the
Snowdon aviary
back to life

London Zoo Impact Report
for Heritage Insider

Design / Artwork

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Project description
Client: Heritage Insider
Service: Graphic Design
Project: Bringing the Snowdon aviary
back to life impact report

Bringing the Snowdon aviary back to life
– Impact Report



Designed and developed in the early 1960’s, and officially opened to the public in 1965, the Snowdon Aviary was a pioneering project that made London architectural history and inspired future generations of architects.

It was Britain’s first walk-through aviary and a bold innovative piece of London architectural design.

To design the new London Zoo aviary, ZSL enlisted the help of former architecture student turned society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones (the late 1st Earl of Snowdon).

Snowdon worked with architect Cedric Price and structural engineer Frank Newby to develop the soaring steel and aluminium design, said to be inspired by the flight patterns of birds. Although the project was originally dubbed the Northern Aviary, the Snowdon name stuck.

About the Impact Report design

Heritage Insider commissioned me in early 2023 to work with them in the design of an impact report for the ZSL London Zoo project.

Snowdon aviary was both the least anticipated and least visited of all of London Zoo’s areas, with less than a third of visitors making it there. The Report details its transformation to “Monkey Valley” – the new home for ZSL’s eastern black-and-white colobus monkeys.

Designing considerations

Designed within ZSL London Zoo brand guidance – the Impact report is vibrant, energetic and packed full of engaging photography.  Quotes from stakeholders, visitors, volunteers and staff flow through the design and emphasise the positive impact of the project on all involved.

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