Graphic design of mini keg

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Graphic design of mini keg


Genie Creative designed a range of branded mini kegs
for Bradfield Brewery

As part of my work in branding for Bradfield Brewery, I was commissioned to design a range of mini kegs to add to the three I had previously designed.

The four new mini keg designs are for the Breweries most popular ales; Yorkshire Farmer, Farmers Brown Cow, Farmers Sixer and Farmers Pale Ale.

The new designs tie in perfectly with the brand style and the three kegs I previously designed for;

  • Farmers Blonde (their most popular ale),
  • a generic keg (for seasonal specials) and
  • Farmers Belgian Blue (their famous Christmas Ale).

For high impact graphic design for print and packaging
please contact: Patrick Ross on 0114 250 9119 or email: [email protected]

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