Cost effective direct marketing for Apollo Distribution

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Cost effective direct marketing for Apollo Distribution


Recently I was commissioned by Apollo Distribution to help them engage a range of six specific new client audiences.

The solution I created is a range of double sided postcards – digitally printed in small quantities.

The A5 size postcards are designed within the Apollo brand style I created previously. On the face of each card is the Apollo astronaut delivering products relevant to each of the six audiences. A short, punchy headline is used to emphasise the message.

Apollo have an enviable 100% rating on Trustpilot and this is emphasised in order to build confidence with the potential new client.

The reverse of the card carries information about Apollos’ experience in each of the 6 customer business streams along with a call to action. A space is left on the right hand side to accommodate an address label.

Cost effective direct marketing

As the postcards are digitally printed in small quantities they are a cost effective way for Apollo to directly engage with individual clients on a one-to-one basis – nforming them exactly how they can help their business.

Generic Information leaflet

In addition to the postcards, I updated the generic company leaflet. This provides an overview of all the services offered along with the history and accreditations of Apollo Distribution.

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