Graphic design of Churchill’s Chartwell project advocacy document

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Graphic design of Churchill’s Chartwell
project advocacy document

Recently I was commissioned by Heritage Insider to design the advocacy document for the National Trust Churchill’s Chartwell project.

About the project

Churchill’s Chartwell project was inspired by the opportunity for the National Trust to acquire some of Churchill’s possessions. These are now cared for in perpetuity and will be enjoyed by visitors to Chartwell House for many generations to come; safeguarding part of Churchill’s legacy.

The National Trust have undertaken work to condition check, catalogue and conserve the collection; a process they shared with visitors. Alongside this a team of volunteers have been researching new objects and uncovering new stories.

Designing Churchill’s Chartwell project advocacy document

Designed within National Trust brand guidelines the advocacy document gives a summary of the project from the start in April 2015 to its conclusion in September 2020. A timeline documents key moments whilst an infographic focuses on significant achievements within the lifetime of the project.

Researching Sir Winston Churchill for the project was incredibly inspiring and I feel privileged to have been involved.

Flick through the advocacy document

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