Bespoke 100% recycled
Christmas card design

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Graphic design for print
Project description
Client: Self promotion
Service: Graphic design for print
Project: Bespoke 100% recycled Christmas card design


Requirement: Engage and inform

Bespoke 100% recycled Christmas card design

We all know that trees play an incredibly important role in helping combat climate change. So much so that tree planting pledges featured prominently in the December 2019 General Election campaigns. All parties seemed to be outbidding each other with promises to plant unimaginable numbers.

Whilst I had zero faith that the commitments would be met – the media coverage did help to highlight just how vital trees are.

It was against this backdrop that I designed the 2019 Genie Creative Christmas Card.

Made from 100% recycled / recyclable materials the card carries a seed cell of the Norway Spruce … a classic Christmas tree. The card gives clear instructions on how to plant and care for the seedling so that recipients can plant and enjoy their very own sustainable Christmas tree.

Whilst we may not be able to rely on politicians to do the right thing, we as individuals can.

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