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As part of our ongoing work for Don Catchment Rivers Trust (DCRT) We have produced the Hadfield Weir (Meadowhall) fish and eel pass for DCRT

This public information stand is positioned on the walkway outside the Oasis entrance at Meadowhall immediately overlooking the fish and eel pass. The graphic details the benefits of the recently constructed pass and is just one of a series of initiatives to reconnect fish species, previously isolated by the many weirs on the River Don. The pass is also a major asset in helping restore Atlantic Salmon to the Don for the first time in around 200 years.

Hadfield Weir (Meadowhall) fish and eel pass for DCRT

The lectern-style stand is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, powder coated to match the surrounding ironmongery with the graphic encapsulated within Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which is extremely robust and (dare we say) ‘vandal proof’ The ‘tamper proof’ fixings add to the security.

We commissioned local artist, John Paul Cooke, to create the illustrations which show the species likely to benefit from the pass and how they use the pass to travel over the weir and on up the river.

In addition, the Don Catchment Rivers Trust has launched a £1.4 million “Living Heritage of the River Don” project which involves work in the river to encourage the once prolific salmon to return to the River Don.

Karen Eynon, of the Don Catchment River Trust, said:

It is a fantastic project. “Salmon are the top predator in the water so if the conditions are right for them to return then that means the food chain below is all good. If there’s salmon in the water then that encourages otters. We’ve had some sightings already.

Karen’s work also involves encouraging people to better appreciate rivers in Sheffield. And as part of that the project, a long-distance heritage trail – The Don Valley Way is under way. The Don Valley Way will run along the length of the Don (from Doncaster to Sheffield) and it is hoped that it will provide opportunities for people and communities to learn from the heritage that surrounds them, helping to develop new skills and interact with their heritage in new ways.

The water quality of the Don is the best it has been in decades and will certainly be able to sustain Salmon. However, sections of the riverside paths do get a lot of litter and graffiti, and we want to rectify this not just from an environmental point of view, but so that people feel able to enjoy the river. During our project development many people told us they don’t like visiting some sections of the Don, and we want to restore a sense of pride. Volunteer work days on the river are taking place on a regular basis and locals are encouraged to get involved by contacting The Trust here”. Karen added

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Fish pass in full flow at Hadfield Weir

DCRT, Don Catchment Rivers Trust, public information stand, Lectern , Meadowhall, Sheffield, Brand consultants, Genie Creative, Graphic design, signage

DCRT Lectern produced by Genie Creative Sheffield on site

Fish pass, graphic design, Genie Creative, Sheffield, Meadowhall, Signage, Public Information lectern

Fish pass graphic produced by Genie Creative Sheffield


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