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Genie Creative simplify the complex for Dixon Chew

Genie Creative were recently commissioned by the colour and speciality chemicals manufacturer, Dixon Chew, to help them demonstrate a range of complex chemical formulae in relation to their client requirements.

Due to the complex nature of the information we were required to demonstrate it simply wasn’t viable or cost-effective to produce a traditional video solution. Instead we delivered the information in the form of animated graphics (info graphics). We produced the info graphics using industry standard software in gif format – thus making any client amendments and additions relatively straightforward. Once approved the info graphics were optimised to the required size and saved to mpeg format. The final mpegs were then uploaded to the blog page of the Dixon Chew website.

The info graphics (shown below) are designed to tie in perfectly with the brand style we established for Dixon Chew in 2014. They quickly and effectively convey the required information and, as the file sizes are small, they have no impact on the client website load time.  In addition they represent a tangible, cost-effective alternative to established website video content through the low production costs.



We see info graphics as a great way to deliver complex messages in a simple, stylish and effective way. With the low production costs, I see info graphics as an affordable marketing tool for companies of all sizes with a need to communicate three dimensional data said Patrick Ross, Managing Director, Genie Creative


To discuss how Genie Creative can provide well considered and cost-effective solutions for your marketing requirements please call Patrick Ross on (0114) 250 9119 or email:



Genie Creative simplify the complex for Dixon Chew